Monday, January 30, 2012

Romeing Around

After a rocky start, the first weekend turned out to be a success. Saturday we went to a bbq at school, which, with the blaring techno music and mingling, was kind of like a day drink (wah I miss maryland). That night we actually made it downtown with a big group to go out to dinner at the restaurant of the chef who does cooking classes for AUR students. The food was delicious, so simple but just so fresh and well made.

(bruschette miste at Le Fate in Trastevere)

We went out after, first to some bar in Campo dei Fiori where you can drink all you can in an hour for 10, which (for those of you who would know) was almost exactly like the Mark. We went to a different bar after where a lot of american students go. It was kind of just like a night out in cp, except most people (mainly Italians) think we're obnoxiously loud and people don't understand personal space (really though, its unnerving).


Sunday we took two busses and a tram to get to Vatican City. The architecture here is stunning. Everything, from the angel statues surrounding St. Peter's Square, to the fountains in the piazzas is just so detailed. We wandered down to the river and Castel Sant'Angelo, and I swear I was Robert Langdon from Angels and Demons. I'm like, in the movie. All the time. We walked pretty far into the center, to Piazza Navona (also from the movie, I was bugging out) and I got my first gelato here!

(Piazza Navona)

(Bacio gelato from Blue Ice, a gelateria chain throughout Rome)

I had my first day of classes today, international law and italian. I'll post about them tomorrow, as well as pictures of my apartment. Ciao for now!

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