Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pizza & Piazzas

Ciao from Roma! We landed Thursday morning so early and got split up to be taken to our different apartments, which are scattered all around the outskirts of the city's center (which doesn't really make sense but whatever). Alex and I are in an apartment with four other interesting girls. I can't say they're exactly who I thought I'd be living with, but I'm being as open minded as I can. It doesn't really feel like we're living here for 4 full months, but then again I have only been here for like 72 hours. I think I cried for most of the day on Thursday, which is pretty standard for the first day away from home. Then we went and got pizza, which I can't say was as good as I thought it would be, but the guy gave the four of us a free bottle of wine, which is always nice.

(pizza/falafel from the first night)

Friday we had orientation at AUR (American University of Rome) for pretty much the entire day. The school is so teeny and in a really cute little part of town (Trastevere? Giancoli? I'm not entirely sure). It's only two buildings and has a nice patio out front which will be nice to sit and do work when it gets warmer (though it was like 55 degrees today, so nice). We tried to take the tram down to Largo Argentina, which is supposedly where all the good restaurants/bars/clubs are, but unbeknownst to us the trams weren't running because of a public transportation strike. Just so odd. So we took a cab down to Piazza Trilussa and ate dinner at a reallyy good place. 

(risotto ai funghi a.k.a. mushroom risotto with parmesan) 

Alex and I walked to AUR today just in case there's another bus strike on Monday. The walk was so nice and there are so many cute little cafes and gelaterias (which, believe it or not, are not gelato shops, they're like sandwich and coffee shops). Here's just a few more pictures for now!

(my very first Italian cappuccino at the cafe by school)

(Roasted pepper and mozzarella pizza from a place on Via G. Carini, so cool how they make it like a sandwich)

(view of the center from Trastevere)

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