Saturday, January 14, 2012

      Let me preface this blog by saying that I don't relax, I shmy. My mom says it's a yiddish word, and the first website that pops up on google with you type in "shmy" says it is too. Shmying is an active, purposeful form of relaxation. Like painting your nails, or online shopping. Or doing weird meditation from an iPhone app. Or going to Trader Joes just to walk around. Shmy is also great because it's part of a family of other possibly-yiddish, "sh" words. Like "shmungy" (comfy clothes), "shpilkis" (chub), "shlubby" (sloppy/chubby), and "shvitzing" (sweating). 
      Back to my main point. While abroad in Rome, I plan on shmying around. Being who I am, I'll most likely make very specific itineraries for every trip/day/hour, but I'm going to try my hardest to shmy a bit. I want to wander and find cool, open-air markets and quaint little cafés. I don't want to be so scheduled. And anyway, I think Italians are more laid back than Americans are, so I guess I'll just do as the Romans do.

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  1. OH MY--i love you! i use this word ALL THE TIME-and just found you by googling to see if made it up!!! check out my new blog at unexpected