Friday, February 3, 2012


So, um, it's snowing. In Rome. For the first time in like 100 thousand years. It didn't snow at all in New Jersey, or Maryland, or anywhere else this past winter, but it snows here. Luckily I didn't bring my puffy winter coat, because why would I need that when it's supposedly beautiful and sunny every single day?? The Italian kids are so happy, they were flinging the most pathetic, sleety snowballs at each other while we're tromping around in approximately 10 layers of clothing and umbrellas, angry that now we can't go out. 
(just so much snow)

I'm sounding super complainey. It's not all that bad, I got to do some homework, watch two movies in bed and make nutella hot chocolate. Oh, and I got this at dinner:

It's called a camicie, which means shirts, but it's not a shirt. it's a pizza pocket pie with cheese and mushrooms inside. Don't worry, I shared with Marielle. I've decided that I wanna do a post on the Italian kids here, like the highschoolers. I ride the bus with them (public bus, not a school bus) every morning and afternoon when we all come home for nap-time. They're just so funny; their clothes, their hair, the colored hair scrunchies that the girls wear to match their eyeshadow. I'm going to have to try to secretly take a picture of them on the bus - I'll letcha know how that goes.

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