Saturday, February 4, 2012

So Much Food

At home, I don't even really like italian food. Everything is too red-saucy and oiley and fried and the pasta is never cooked right. If I'm going to go out for italian food in the states, it better be the best italian food I've ever tasted. And pizza? I'd never eat it plain. But here, it's starting to get ridiculous. I can eat pasta for every meal. Pasta for breakfast, pasta for lunch with some bread and olive oil, pesto pasta for snack, pizza and pasta with wine for dinner. That pizza in the above picture, with it's crispy thin crust and perfect sauce-to-cheese ratio was only €3. That's approximately $4. $4!!!! For that whole delicious pizza! 

(gnocchi with mussels, clams and fresh tomato sauce)

Since we've been locked up in our apartments with no trams or busses running and nothing open, we've been getting a bit nutty. We decided to venture out to a new destination along the Tiber (the big river in Rome) and slipped around on the ice a bit before we found this surprisingly big restaurant set back from the main road. Everything on the menu was between €3 and €10, which is just so cheap. We shared pretty much everything on the menu. I'm actually not kidding (you'll see all the pictures to follow). We shared a cheese plate (mozz, parmigiano-reggiano and some other soft cheese), a grilled veggie plate, the above pizza, 2 gnocchi pesto, the above gnocchi, a lasagna, soup, tiramisu, tartufo, fruit and a litre of their house pinot noir (which amy really thought was just "the best wine she's ever had" - it was really good).
(Just the most delicious italian cheeses, which they served with olives and arugula)

(Soup with pasta, chickpeas and rosemary)

(gnocchi with pesto - dad you would love this)

(house made tiramisu)

Sorry for making you all hungry. And sorry for the terrible quality of these pictures. I really should have listened to everyone and gotten a real camera with manual focus and a zoom lens and yada yada yada. If my food blogger career takes off I promise I'll invest in a good one. 

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