Monday, May 14, 2012

Things I Will Miss

Now that I'm in the final hours of my time abroad, I really don't want to leave. The amount of real world problems that I have waiting for me once I arrive home is starting to freak me out. Being here is like being in a bubble where the real world doesn't exist, my debit card magically never runs out, and the only work I have to do is for school. But now that I'm officially a SENIOR in college, I guess I need to start getting ready for all the annoying anxieties that come with growing up. But not before one last glorious day in Italia.

(beautiful and sunny, unlike the first time we saw Trevi Fountain)

One more picture for the road, right? We had to visit it once more before we left, and Trevi Fountain is just as beautiful as ever. I always wish that I could see it without the mass crowds of tourists, shoving to throw their coin over their shoulder and trying to take a picture. But I guess that's just part of its allure. Other things that I'll miss? Surprisingly, I'm going to miss AUR. Not the classes, but the campus (if you can even call it that, it's so teeny). Sitting up on the roof, looking out over all of Rome in between classes is something that I certainly won't find at Maryland. And of course, I'll miss the food (prepare yourselves to be bombarded).

(freshly baked chocolate croissants with my morning cappuccino)

(ricotta & spinach croquette and suppli)

(spaghetti cacio e pepe with artichokes and pancetta)

(nutella pizza pie)

(mussels steamed in a white wine and garlic broth, not that I can't get these at home but everything just tastes better here)

(black truffle pizza)

(nutella filled donut)

I miss it already.

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