Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stop, It's Sandwich Time

I know the picture's not great, but this was one of my earlier sandwiches at the sandwich shop by school. I was timid at first, only getting turkey, pesto and mozzarella. Très boring. There's such a delicious variety of meats available and I was limiting myself to the most American-Italian sandwich I could get. I might as well have gotten turkey, mustard and cheddar. But not anymore. Today, for my very last sandwich ever, EVER I tell ya, I went all out. Not that I don't always go all out, but usually I don't get quite as much meat and a lighter cheese. But not today.

This, this sandwich masterpiece, was today. Notice the width of it, and the tan-ness of my hand. I told my sandwich maker guy that it was my last one, probably forever, before I take a skip, jump and a hop back over the big pond to the lovely land of the garden state. He didn't really understand all that, but said he would make it extra super special. And so I got: proscuitto, salami picante, pesto, tomato, and taleggio cheese (similar to brie). He piled the layers with such care and love onto the freshly baked roll. After I bid my forever farewells (sort of goes like this, "bye, uh ciao, arrivederchi!") I carried my little package up to the roof top, overlooking all of Rome, and ate the last of my Italian deli sandwiches. Hopefully not forever, if I am so fortunate. And so my last days are upon us. I'm halfway through with my finals and have one weekend left. One more weekend to get in all the eating, seeing, sun, gelato, walking, tram-riding, and people-watching that I can.

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